Online Course PLUS one face-to-face meeting

Meet the Violin Teacher Trainers

Kerstin Wartberg / German Suzuki Association

Charles Krigbaum and Daina Volodka Staggs / Suzuki Association of the Americas

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and meet him or her for an intensive face-to-face consultation
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about the course content of Volume 1B (duration 30 minutes).

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An Introduction to STEP by STEP

Volume 1B for Violin

Featuring author Kerstin Wartberg

with Charles Krigbaum & Daina Staggs
from the North Texas School of Talent Education

Online Professional Development Course for Violin Teachers of all Backgrounds

Online Courses

The online course consists of six pre-recorded session videos. Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Course Organization

Each session will consist of a lecture-style presentation, followed by a question-and-answer session for further clarification.

Recordings of these lectures will be shared with all registered participants.  

Course Content

In this course, Suzuki and traditional violin teachers are invited to explore and work intensively with the materials presented in Step by Step, Vol. 1B with the author Kerstin Wartberg.

The course will examine the step-by-step mastery of the teaching points in the 1B repertoire and strategies for effective teaching of the fundamental principles of violin technique in the early stages, with a special emphasis on building a healthy foundation and developing musicianship and sound quality in young children. Parent Education will also play a vital role in this course.

Charles Krigbaum and Daina Staggs have worked closely with Kerstin Wartberg for many years. They have been involved in the development of new teaching materials and have tested and piloted these materials with many students since 2005. As co-presenters of the course, they will assist Kerstin in demonstrating the principles and applications of the course content to individual and group teaching.

Arjada Hasanaj and Jonathan Reök present basic preparatory exercises.

All participants will receive extensive course materials including

  • videos
  • sheet music
  • audio files that are very useful for both online and in-person lessons.


Upon completion of the entire course, each participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance to document their professional development.

Course Fee and Registration

Please choose


Personal meeting with Kerstin Wartberg or Charles Krigbaum or Daina Volodka Staggs
PLUS the complete Online Course STEP by STEP, Vol. 1B: 

– SIX Session Videos
– One eBook with many notes for parents, pictures for children and parents on posture and sheet music
– a Practice Plan
– 25 Flash cards
– 49 short video clips with preparatory exercises
– 80 MP3 files

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The complete Online Course STEP by STEP, Vol. 1B (without personal meeting)

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Personal meeting with Kerstin Wartberg (30 minutes)

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