The IMTEX ONLINE MEDIA LIBRARY is a music-oriented website that distributes articles, digital sheet music, MP3 files, and videos on the Web for streaming, immediate download, or printing by music teachers, their students, and music lovers.

Our digital library has existed since 2004, provided by the German Suzuki Association (Deutsche Suzuki Gesellschaft e.V., gegr. 1983).

A large part of the audio files were produced by the German Suzuki Institute more than 20 years ago under its own copyright protection, and have served as test files for many years. These recordings have been available as part of the Online Media Library since 2004. Even today, these recordings still serve effectively because they can be easily combined with the pieces and exercises of the violin series Step by Step and Recital Training by Kerstin Wartberg.

Members of the IMTEX ONLINE MEDIA LIBRARY are invited to share materials, ideas, and tips. We want to encourage music teachers to present their own materials to the online media library, such as original sheet music for teaching, essays for parents, videos, compositions for students, arrangements for mixed-level ensembles, etc., and to motivate a lively exchange between members of the global teaching community. We intend the online media library to be an extremely supportive place to get and give inspiration.

Members of the IMTEX Online Media Library have unlimited access to the entire library right from your Android device, iPhone, iPad, or Mac or PC.

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