Let's Practice Together! - Volume 1B: Perpetual Motion - Gossec Gavotte (PDF + MP3 Edition 2022)

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Kerstin Wartberg

The audio material consists of
  • 80 MP3 files
    • to play along with
    • to accompany movement and posture exercises
    • to listen to (Songlists A / B / C / D)
All MP3 files with turquoise text color correspond to the numbering in Step by Step, vol. 1B.
01a        Tuning note A
01b        Tuning note D
01c        Tuning note G
01d        Tuning note E

Step No. 26: Perpetual Motion                                                
02          Third Finger-Dance on the G String with Portato Strokes
02a        The Practice Chain in G Major
03          Quick Finger Preparation
03a        Spotlight Exercise*: Part 1
03b        Spotlight Exercise*: Part 2
03c        Spotlight Exercise*: Part 3
04          Performance Tempo (Violin and Piano)
05          Slow Practice Tempo (Violin and Piano)
06          Medium Practice (Piano Accompaniment)
07          Performance Tempo (Piano Accompaniment)
Step No. 27: Allegretto                   
08a        The SECOND Finger Pattern
08b        The High G Major Scale - with the SECOND finger pattern
09a        Spotlight Exercise*: Part 1
09b        Spotlight Exercise*: Part 2
08          Performance Tempo (Violin and Piano)
09          Slow Practice Tempo (Violin and Piano)
10          Medium Practice (Piano Accompaniment)
11          Performance Tempo (Piano Accompaniment)   

Step No. 28: Bohemian Folk Song                     
11a        Slow Practice Tempo     
11b        Performance Tempo  

Step No. 29: G Major Scales                     
12a        The High G Major Scale in slow practice tempo
12b        The High G Major Scale in medium practice tempo
12          The Grand G Major Scale - The Three Horses    

Step No. 30: Andantino                   
13          Performance Tempo (Violin and Piano)
14          Slow Practice Tempo     (Violin and Piano)
15          Medium Practice Tempo (Piano Accompaniment)
16          Performance Tempo (Piano Accompaniment) 

Step No. 31: Etude                                           
17         The Last Two Measures of the Piece 
17.01    Musical Picture Puzzle - Step No. 1
17.02    Musical Picture Puzzle - Step No. 2
17.03    Musical Picture Puzzle - Step No. 3
17.04    Musical Picture Puzzle - Step No. 4
17.05    Musical Picture Puzzle - Step No. 5
17.06    Musical Picture Puzzle - Step No. 6
17.07    Musical Picture Puzzle - Step No. 7
17.08    Musical Picture Puzzle - Step No. 8
17.09    Musical Picture Puzzle - Step No. 9
17.10    Musical Picture Puzzle - Step No. 10
17.11    Musical Picture Puzzle - Step No. 11
18         The Beginning of the Piece
19         Middle Section: The Two Ascents with the Waterfalls
20         Performance Tempo (Violin and Piano)
21         Slow Practice Tempo (Piano Accompaniment)
22         Medium Practice (Piano Accompaniment)
23         Performance Tempo (Piano Accompaniment)   

Step No. 32: Finger Pattern Song                                                    
24a      Finger Pattern Song in A Major and A Minor
24b      Finger Pattern Song in D Major and D Minor
Step No. 33: Three Scales with the Minuet-Stroke                                                    
24        Three Scales with the Minuet-Stroke            

Step No. 34: Minuet 1 by Johann Sebastian Bach                                              
25          Performance Tempo (Violin and Piano)
26          Slow Practice Tempo     (Violin and Piano)
27          Medium Practice Tempo (Piano Accompaniment)
28          Performance Tempo (Piano Accompaniment)     

Step No. 35: Minuet 2 by Johann Sebastian Bach                                             
29a      The First Two Measures of the Minuet - slow tempo
29b      The First Two Measures of the Minuet - medium tempo

29        The Rapid Passage in the “Gavotte” by Gossec
30        Performance Tempo (Violin and Piano)
31        Slow Practice Tempo - First Section (Violin and Piano)
32        Slow Practice Tempo - Second Section (Violin and Piano)
33        Medium Practice Tempo (Piano Accompaniment)
34        Performance Tempo (Piano Accompaniment) 

Step No. 36: Minuet 3 by Johann Sebastian Bach                     
35        The Fourth Finger-Dance (on the E String with Slurs of One Measure)
36        Performance Tempo (Violin and Piano)
37        Slow Practice Tempo - First Section (Violin and Piano)
38        Slow Practice Tempo - Second Section (Violin and Piano)
39        Medium Practice Tempo (Piano Accompaniment)
40        Performance Tempo (Piano Accompaniment)

Step No. 37: Happy Farmer by Robert Schumann                      
41        The Fifth Finger-Dance (on the E String with Slurs of Two Measures)
41a      The G Major Scale with the “Farmer-Stroke”
42        Performance Tempo (Violin and Piano)
43        Slow Practice (Violin and Piano)

43a      Spotlight Exercise*: Part 1A
43b      Spotlight Exercise*: Part 2
43c      Spotlight Exercise*: Part 1B
44        Performance Tempo (Piano Accompaniment)      

Step No. 38: Govotte by by François-Joseph Gossec                                          
45          Russian Dance
46          Performance Tempo – (Violin and Piano)
47          Slow Practice Tempo – First Section (Violin and Piano)
48          Slow Practice Tempo – Second Section (Violin and Piano)
49          Slow Practice Tempo – Third Section (Violin and Piano)
50          Slow Practice Tempo – Fourth Section (Violin and Piano)
51          Medium Practice Tempo - short (Piano Accompaniment)

51a        Medium Practice Tempo - long (Piano Accompaniment)
52          Performance Tempo - short (Piano Accompaniment)
52a        Performance Tempo - long (Piano Accompaniment)     
Songlists A - D (volume 1A)
Songlist E (Minuet 1 - Gossec Gavotte)


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Rudolf Gaehler (violin)
David Andruss (piano)
Gino Romero Ramirez (djembé)

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