Listening - MY TRIO BOOK - Vols. 1+2 / Arr. for 2 Violins & Viola (40 min.)

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This download contains a set of all MP3 files from “My Trio Book” - except for the copyrighted compositions by Shinichi Suzuki.

These audio files were produced by the German Suzuki Institute in 2000 under its own copyright; they were the test files for “My Trio Book”.

Rudolf Gähler, Kerstin Wartberg, Violins
Susanne Patitz, Viola

Arrangement: Kerstin Wartberg

    0 = Complete file of all following titles (length 40 minutes)

  1. Twinkle , Twinkle, Little Star, Folk Song - Leuchte, leuchte kleiner Stern, Volkslied
  2. Lightly Row, Folk Song - Hänschen klein, Volkslied
  3. Song of the Wind, Folk Song - Fuchslied, Volkslied
  4. Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Folk Song - Tante Rhody, Volkslied
  5. 0 Come, Little Children, Folk Song - Ihr Kinderlein kommet, Volkslied
  6. May Song, Folk Song - Alle Vögel sind schon da, Volkslied
  7. Long, Long Ago - Lang, lang ist's her, T. H. Bayly
  1. Minuet 1 - Menuett 1, J. S. Bach
  2. Minuet 2 - Menuett 2, J .S. Bach
  3. Minuet 3 - Menuett 3, J. Bach
  4. The Happy Farmer - Der fröhliche Landmann, Schumann
  5. Gavotte, F. J. Gossec
  6. Chorus from "Judas Maccabaeus," G. F. Händel
  7. Musette, J. S. Bach
  8. Hunters' Chorus - Jägerchor, C. M. v. Weber
  9. Long, Long Ago - Lang, lang ist's her, T. H. Bayley
  10. Waltz - Walzer, J. Brahms
  11. Bourrée, G. F. Handel
  12. The Two Grenadiers - Die zwei Grenadiere, R. Schumann
  13. Theme from "Witches' Dance" - Thema aus „ Hexentanz", N. Paganini
  14. Gavotte from "Mignon" - Gavotte aus „ Mignon", A. Thomas
  15. Gavotte, J. B. Lully
  16. Minuet - Menuett, L. van Beethoven
  17. Minuet - Menuett, L. Boccherini


© Deutsches Suzuki Institut

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