My First SCALE Book

Category: Exercises & Recital Pieces from vol. 2 and up - Arr. David Andruss

ONE and TWO Octave Scales & Arpeggios for Violin Students
By Kerstin Wartberg

Basic Exercises with Piano Accompaniment
Violin book (35 pages) with piano accompaniments (95 pages)
Piano Arrangements by David Andruss

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This book of technical exercises on one- and two-octave scales and arpeggios refers to young violin students.
Its object is to offer an enjoyable method for familiarizing students with these more or less unpopular exercises. Its playful character as well as
the numerous technical applications aim at giving new life to rigid practicing and teaching routines.

You probably will ask yourselves how practicing scales and arpeggios could be “enjoyable”. Quite simple! We shall link practice to interactive, playful elements. To this end we use dice as well as the key and practice cards from this book, see pages 28 — 34. To make these cards more hard-wearing, it would be a good idea to copy the entire page, to laminate it and then cut out the individual cards.

Detailed information can be found in the preface!

Another way to promote a child’s motivation for practicing is to play with piano accompaniment. Downloads are available for piano accompaniments in all keys, contributing towards the pleasure of shared
learning during group lessons. I would like to encourage all teachers to arrange one group lesson on
technique per month, preparing its teaching content during individual classes. Wishing you and the children an enjoyable time building a stable violin technique, according to the slogan a joy shared is a double joy!