Suzuki Teaching Approach
– THEN and NOW

By Kerstin Wartberg & Arjada Hasanaj

Friday, August 19, 2022
12:00-1:30 PM, CST
Central Standard Time (US)

Kerstin Wartberg, who studied with Shinichi Suzuki in Matsumoto, Japan more than 40 years ago and graduated from his institute, shares her unique experiences and insights gained directly from Dr Suzuki.

How have current teachers transformed Dr. Suzuki’s vision?

Violin pedagogy is always evolving as it is informed and shaped by research and implementation of ideas by other visionary teachers. Dr. Suzuki’s core principles are still widely relevant today, but with more current technology, hard work and beta testing comes innovations that match our present day needs while upholding preserving the pillars of Dr. Suzuki’s vision. Just as Dr. Suzuki dedicated his life to reshaping and refining his method, always striving to make improvements, current Suzuki teachers have continued to build on his profound teaching concepts, expanding and evolving with numerous valuable supplementary contributions.

Experienced Suzuki teachers, newer Suzuki teachers and traditional teachers will find insights and value in this lecture, which offers a wealth of history and detail.

Arjada Hasanaj, a representative of the young generation of teachers, together with Kerstin Wartberg, will present important practical exercises developed by Maestro Suzuki and how they have expanded over the decades.

The focus is on child-friendly practice methods, basics of violin technique, tone building, music & movement and much more, all packed with stories that Kerstin Wartberg experienced during her study time with Shinichi Suzuki in Japan.

90 minutes filled with information and inspiration for curious teachers.

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