FREE Download: Dvorak: Largo from the "New World Symphony" - Arr. for 2 violins & organ or piano

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Antonín DvoĹ™ák

Largo from Symphony No. 9 - New World Symphony

Performed by the Gaehler Ensemble

The arrangement for 2 violins & organ or piano
by Kerstin Wartberg can be downloaded here.

About this item:

Violins 1 and 2 / organ or piano
Level: Intermediate & advanced (Suzuki Book 5 & up)
Technical Features: Expressive refined phrasing, Vibrato, slow bows, bow distribution, shifting, dynamic nuances

This download contains the following files:

1. MP3
2. Score (2 violins & organ or piano)
3. Parts: violin 1 / violin 2  / organ or piano

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