6. Note-Reading Exercises

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Excerpts from 

My First Note-Reading Book

by Kerstin Wartberg


Note-reading exercises with and without the instrument
All notes in the first finger-pattern will be introduced and systematically practiced. 

As students work through the exercises, the following practice variations are recommended to ensure that the notes in each five-tone group are thoroughly mastered:

a) Careful study of the short note sequence
b) Singing with a rhythm text
c) Singing with finger numbers
d) Singing with note names
e) Playing with pizzicato
f) Playing with the bow
g) Playing with the CD

The piano arrangements are purposefully kept simple so that students will not be distracted from learning the pitches. Every short exercise has an introduction of two measures which musically introduces the new concept to be learned.

Training in sight-reading
After thoroughly working through the material, the student should gradually increase the number of tunes played with the audio files in sequence until all forty-eight tunes can be played without interruption.

These audio files were produced by the German Suzuki Institute more than 20 years ago under its own copyright protection, and have served as test files for many years. These recordings have been available as part of the Online Media Library of the German Suzuki Institute since 2004.

Even today, these recordings still serve effectively because they can be easily combined with the exercises of My First Note-Reading Book by Kerstin Wartberg.

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