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Violin - Vol. 4A: MP3 files from the “Recital Training” series

This collection is suitable for violin students using RECITAL TRAINING, vol. 1 and as a supplement for Suzuki students in Book 4, Nos 1-3.

Here you find almost all main pieces in THREE tempi:

- SLOW TEMPO (violin & piano)
- MEDIUM TEMPO (piano accompaniment only)
- PERFORMANCE TEMPO (piano accompaniment only)

01          Tuning note

Concerto No. 2 in G Major, op. 13, 3rd Mvt, Friedrich Seitz
2-4            Performance tempo (violin & piano)
5-7            In slow practice tempo (violin & piano)
8-10          In medium practice tempo (piano accompaniment only)
11-13        In performance tempo (piano accompaniment only)
14             Preparatory Exercise (violin & piano)


Irish Fiddler for Three Violins, Irish Folk Tune
15            In performance tempo (violin & piano)

Concerto No. 5 in D Major, op. 22, 1st Mvt, Friedrich Seitz
16             In performance tempo (violin & piano)
17-19        In slow practice tempo (violin & piano)
20-22        In medium practice tempo (piano accompaniment only)
23-25        In performance tempo (piano accompaniment only)
26             Preparatory Exercise 1 (violin & piano)
27             Preparatory Exercise 2 (violin & piano)
28             Preparatory Exercise 3 (violin & piano)

Western Fiddler for Three Violins, American Folk Tune (Arrangement Kerstin Wartberg)
29            In performance tempo (violin & piano)
30            In performance tempo (piano accompaniment only)

Concerto No. 5 in D Major, op. 22, 3rd Mvt, Friedrich Seitz
31             In performance tempo (violin & piano)
32-34        In slow practice tempo (violin & piano)
35-37        In medium practice tempo (piano accompaniment only)
38-40        In performance tempo (piano accompaniment only)
41-45        Double-Stop Exercises (violin & piano)

46    Slumber Song, Franz Schubert (violin & piano)
47    Evening Prayer, Engelbert Humperdinck (violin & piano)


Rudolf Gaehler, Kerstin Wartberg, Kathrin Averdung, violins
David Andruss, piano and piano arrangements

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