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Category: Violin 1A

Kerstin Wartberg

The following short video clips cover the second part of STEP by STEP, vol. 1A and  Let's Practice Together.

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of Let's Practice Together, Lightly Row - Allegro!
Let s Practice Together!


Video Training
Music & Movement: Lightly Row – May Song
0:14 Lightly Row
1:23 Song of the Wind
2:39 Go Tell Aunt Rhody
3:43 O Come, Little Children
5:03 May Song

The Cuckoo Song - Track 38


Spotlight on! Rotating attention on "Lightly Row"


"Lightly Row" - in slow practice tempo


"Song of the Wind" - in slow practice tempo

The Grasshopper Exercise - Track 44

Fitness for the Fourth Finger - Track 48a 


Snow & Wind, Track 49


Spotlight on! Rotating attention on "Go Tell Aunt Rhody"

"Go Tell Aunt Rhody" - in slow practice tempo

"Oh Come Little Children" - in slow practice tempo


"May Song" - in slow practice tempo


"Long, long Ago" - in slow practice tempo


"Thunderstorm", Track 67 Test 22

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