Violin Book 5B: Vivaldi, G Minor, 2nd + 3rd Mvts / Weber / Dittersdorf / Veracini / Bach, Double Concerto

Category: Violin - Medium = Suzuki 4-7

Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto in G Minor, Op. 12, No. 1
II. Adagio
III. Allegro

Carl Maria von Weber, Country Dance (Arr. for Violin & Piano)

Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf, German Dance

Francesco Maria Veracini, Gigue

Johann Sebastian Bach Concerto for 2 Violins in D Minor BWV 1043, 1st Movement, Violin 1


Play Along in 3 Tempi
Edited by Kerstin Wartberg

Rudolf Gaehler, violin
David Andruss, piano

Listen to the example audio files:
Vivaldi, g Minor, 3rd mvt. - in slow practice tempo (violin & piano)

Weber, Country Dance - in slow practice tempo (violin & piano)

Veracini, Gigue - in slow practice tempo (piano accompaniment)

Bach, Double Concerto, 1st violin - in slow practice tempo (violin & piano)

Bach, Double Concerto, 1st violin - performance tempo (2 violins & piano)




Violin Book 5B contains a play along set with MP3 files in high quality and sheet music with instructions:

  • 5B_01  Tuning note

Vivaldi g Minor, second mvt.

  • 5B_02      Performance tempo (violin & piano)
  • 5B_03      Performance tempo (piano accompaniment with violin in the background)


Vivaldi g Minor, third mvt.

  • 5B_04        Performance tempo (violin & piano)
  • 5B_05        Slow practice tempo (violin & piano)
  • 5B_06        Medium practice tempo (piano accompaniment)
  • 5B_07        Performance tempo (piano accompaniment)


Weber, Country Dance

  • 5B_08        Performance tempo (violin & piano)
  • 5B_09        Slow practice tempo (violin & piano)
  • 5B_10        Medium practice tempo (piano accompaniment)
  • 5B_11        Performance tempo (piano accompaniment)

Dittersdorf, German Dance

  • 5B_12        Performance tempo (violin & piano)
  • 5B_13        Slow practice tempo (violin & piano)
  • 5B_14        Performance tempo (piano accompaniment)

Veracini, Gigue

  • 5B_15        Performance tempo (violin & piano)
  • 5B_16        Part 1: Slow practice tempo (piano accompaniment)
  • 5B_17        Part 2: Slow practice tempo (piano accompaniment)
  • 5B_18        Medium practice tempo (piano accompaniment)
  • 5B_19        Performance tempo (piano accompaniment)
  • 5B_20        Preparatory Exercise


Three Short Arpeggio Etudes, Kerstin Wartberg

  • 5B_21         Etude in D Minor
  • 5B_22         Etude in G Minor
  • 5B_23         Etude in Three Positions

Bach; Concerto for 2 Violins in D Minor, Violin 1

  • 5B_24        Vl. 1 - In slow practice tempo
  • 5B_25        Vl. 2 - In slow practice tempo
  • 5B_26        Vl. 1 - In performance tempo (Vl. 2 in the background)
  • 5B_27        Vl. 2 - In performance tempo (Vl. 1 in the background)
  • 5B_28        Performance tempo  (2 violins and piano)


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