Advance notice: Violin Vol. 6 - La Folia

Category: NEW TITLES

Here you can test Part 1 from the new La Folia piano accompaniment.

The entire piece in performance tempo is expected to be released by the end of February 2021.
Additional tempos and exercises will follow in March 2021.


Arcangelo Corelli ( 1653 - 1713)
La Folia

Theme and Variations

Play Along in Various Tempi
The piano accompaniments are suitable as a supplement for intermediate violin students and for Suzuki violin students in Book 6.


00    Tuning notes: A - D - G - E  (A = 441 Hertz)

01    Part 1 = Theme (with 4 measures introduction) and Variations 1-4


David Andruss, piano and piano arrangement

© Deutsches Suzuki Institut, Kerstin Wartberg

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