FREE: Violin Vol. 6 - Gavotte by Rameau

Category: FREE: Medium = Suzuki 4-7

Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683–1764)
Gavotte I & II

From the opera
Le temple de la gloire
Act III, Scene 3

Play Along in Various Tempi
In the section FREE DOWNLOADS you can find a small selection of the practice material.
All piano accompaniments will be published soon HERE.

The piano accompaniments are suitable as a supplement for intermediate violin students and for Suzuki violin students in Book 6.


00    Tuning notes: A - D - G - E  (A = 441 Hertz)

Gavotte I in 2 tempi
01    Part A - Medium practice tempo
02    Part A - Performance tempo

Gavotte II in 4 tempi
03    Part B - Very slow practice tempo
04    Part B - Slow practice tempo
05    Part B - Medium practice tempo
06    Part B - Performance tempo

Complete Versions
07    Medium practice tempo
08    Performance tempo

David Andruss, piano and piano arrangement

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