The Journey Through Pre-Twinkle by Krigbaum/Wartberg

Category: Violin - Pre-Twinkle (Engl.)

Download the eBook (29 pages) with the beautiful paintings of LISA IKEGAMI,
43 audio files together with 20 Lucky Dip Cards.

Rudolf Gaehler, violin
Gino Romero Ramirez, djembé (african drum)
David Andruss, piano and piano arrangements for all recorded pieces

Video Tutorial on YouTube for students with their parents and teachers

0:00       Start Using the Foot Chart
1:51       Holding the Bow
4:11       Holding the Violin
5:17       The First Twinkle Rhythm
7:16       Two New Songs
9:59       Preparing the Left Hand Fingers
13:23     Preparation Technique and Rhythm with Three Fingers