Concert Time - 3A & 3B (performance tempo only)

Category: VIOLIN - Accompaniment Tracks for Vols. 1-6

This collection of pieces in PERFORMANCE TEMPO is particularly suitable for Home Concerts and Review.

Can be used as a supplement for Suzuki students in book 3 and for violin students learning with STEP BY STEP, volumes 3A & 3B.

David Andruss
Piano and Piano Arrangements


01 - 04 Tuning notes

Step by Step, volume 3B

05        Bourrée, Johann Sebastian Bach
06        Paganini Motion, Kerstin Wartberg
07        Gavotte I and II, Johann Sebastian Bach
08        Gavotte, Jean Becker

Step by Step, volume 3A

09        Humoresque, Antonín DvoĹ™ák
10        Gavotte in G Minor, Johann Sebastian Bach
11        Minuet I and II, Johann Sebastian Bach
12        Gavotte, Giovanni Battista Martini