Left Hand Techniques

Category: Violin Video Tutorials by "Violin Together" 바이올린 투게더

Ji Young Iliescu-Lee, Violin instructor in Frankfurt / Germany & Florin Iliescu, concertmaster of Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra produced numerous violin video tutorials.

Most of the videos are in Korean with English subtitles. For English subtitles please click the CC button.

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Here you find a selection compiled for the IMTEX Media Library:
TEN VIDEOS TUTORIALS for Left Hand Techniques


비브라토 1/ 비브라토 준비연습
No. 1: Vibrato Preparation Exercises


비브라토 2
No. 2: How to practice Vibrato

하루 12분 비브라토연습 루틴/
No. 3: 12 minutes of Daily Vibrato Practice Routine

바이올린 쉬프팅 준비연습
No. 4: Shifting Preparation

바이올린 쉬프팅2
No. 5: Violin shifting

더블 스탑 1
No. 6: Double Stops, Part 1

더블 스탑 2
No. 7: Double Stops, Part 2

팔꿈치&감정표현(컨퍼런스 강의)
No. 8: Elbow & Emotion

6가지 트릴 연습
No. 9: Six Trill Exercises

#왼손테크닉 #힘빼기 #바이올린 (ENG) "왼손 힘빼기" 체크 포인트
No. 10: Checkpoints for "a relaxed left hand"

4번 손가락을 훈련하는 5가지 팁
No. 11: 5 Tips to train for the 4th Finger


Korean to English translation by Eunjung Park & David Kleesattel

Further videos you find here:

THREE VIDEO TUTORIALS for Right Hand Techniques


Ji young Iliescu-Lee
Director of Pro Violin Institut, Germany

Florin Iliescu
First concertmaster of Frankfurt Radio Symphony orchestra