Vol. 1A, No. 4C: BOW HOLD GAMES (group lesson)

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Vol. 1A, No. 4C: BOW HOLD GAMES (group lesson)

Bow Hold Games:

These games teach the student to maintain a proper bow hold in a variety of different positions.

• Pinocchio -- place the frog on the nose so that bow is horizontal
• Unicorn-- place the frog on top of the head
• Space Shuttle--3, 2, 1 - blast off! -- go from the floor to as high as the student can reach
• Windshield Wipers-- rotate the forearm in a windshield wiper motion (this is good for learning how to balance the pinky)
• 3, 2, 1 - Go!

Have the student pick up the bow and place on the left shoulder with the correct bow hold as quickly as possible, and then tap the fingers. Shoulder bowing and the first rhythms: Hold a paper tube in the left hand; then put the bow in the tube. Angle the bow and tube over the left shoulder. This keeps the bow straight and the rosin off the clothes. Place the right hand on the bow and tap the index finger, two middle fingers and pinky to ensure that the hand position stays loose. (Tapping the fingers will continue for many months.)

The teacher then assists the student in bowing the Twinkle rhythms
Tiri Tiri Ti Ti
Ti Ti bend Ti
Mississippi is a River

Teachers should feel free to use the rhythm system that works best for them. The teacher helps guide the student's bow by isolating the use of the forearm. The student then tries bowing alone.


The video and the text were provided by courtesy of Mimi Zweig, Professor of Music (Violin, Viola); Director, Pre-College Strings Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University Bloomington, USA Further information can be found at: