Vol. 1A, No. 4A: THE BOW (pinky house)

Category: Videos für den Geigenunterricht von Mimi Zweig

Vol. 1A, No. 4A: THE BOW (pinky house)

Making a pinky house for the bow hand pinky finger

Preparatory tapes: Use a middle tape. If the bow is too long, extend the forearm to find the student's tip and add a tape.

Pinky House: This is a little nest for the right hand pinky that helps the student maintain a curved fourth finger. It is created out of tape and positioned above the button on the frog.


The video and the text were provided by courtesy of Mimi Zweig, Professor of Music (Violin, Viola); Director, Pre-College Strings Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University Bloomington, USA Further information can be found at: