Vol. 1A, No. 3B: FIRST PIECES (group class)

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Vol. 1A, No. 3B: FIRST PIECES (group class)

Group Lesson: Theory and Ear-Training

"Sunflower": This is an active way to teach the young student solfege.

Do--toes, Re--shins, Mi--knees, Fa--thighs, Sol--waist, La--shoulders, Ti--head, Do--arms extended above head.

Sing the C major scale, "Twinkle," "Three Blind Mice" and other familiar tunes using the sunflower solfege.

This information is generally covered during the first three lessons. At this point the student is ready to for the bow.


The video and the text were provided by courtesy of Mimi Zweig, Professor of Music (Violin, Viola); Director, Pre-College Strings Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University Bloomington, USA Further information can be found at: