Vol. 1A, No. 3A: FIRST PIECES (using left hand pizzicato)

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Vol. 1A, No. 3A: FIRST PIECES (using left hand pizzicato)

FIRST PIECES (using left hand pizzicato):

The first pieces are played with left hand pizzicato using the pinky of the left hand over the high dot. These pieces are designed to help the left hand find and maintain the proper position. Using this beginning left hand position also trains the left elbow to move from left to right under the violin as needed for string changes.

The following pieces are taught in the order presented below and are covered at the pace of the individual student.

"A-E-A": Pluck with fourth finger over the high dot.

"A-E-A, rest, A-E-A, rest, A-A-E-E-A-E-A- rest." (The student stamps right foot during the rests.)

Pluck the sequence on G-D-G, D-A-D, and G-E-G as well. (Piano accompaniment is "Hot Cross Buns" with I-V-I harmony).

"Ants": Pluck with fourth finger over the high dot.
"(E-E-E) Each, each, each and every (A-A-A) ant, ant, ant (D-D-D) digging in the dirt, dirt, dirt (G-G-G) all the way to Greece, Greece, Greece."

"Sunflower": This is an active way to teach the young student solfege.

Do--toes, Re--shins, Mi--knees, Fa--thighs, Sol--waist, La--shoulders, Ti--head, Do--arms extended above head.

Sing the C major scale, "Twinkle," "Three Blind Mice" and other familiar tunes using the sunflower solfege.


The video and the text were provided by courtesy of Mimi Zweig, Professor of Music (Violin, Viola); Director, Pre-College Strings Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University Bloomington, USA Further information can be found at: