Bird, Paula: The Importance of Daily Listening (Podcast)

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Bird, Paula: The Importance of Daily Listening (Podcast)

This episode digs down deep into the Suzuki Method requirement of daily listening to the repertoire that the child is studying and learning. This episode explores several scientific experiments that strongly suggest that the amount and kind of music that we listen to in our daily listening environment may have a positive or negative effect on our moods, our attitudes, and our physical states. The episode also relates several personal stories about listening that will encourage you to add more listening to your child’s learning environment. And finally, the episode offers many ways that we can add more music into our daily routine. Listen to this week’s episode and see if you agree that we need more music in our lives.

Length of the Podcast (MP3): 31:11 minutes


Paula E. Bird is Teach Suzuki Author & Podcaster, member of the Artisan Quartet, Texas State University faculty, the Austin Symphony, and owner of the Wildflower Suzuki Studio. She lives in Central Texas.

© International Music Teachers Exchange published with the kind permission of Paula E. Bird,

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