Bird, Paula: How to Teach a Suzuki Group Class

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Bird, Paula: How to Teach a Suzuki Group Class

This article looks at the basic parts of a group class.

When someone asks me how to teach a Suzuki group class, my short answer is to spend a lot of time working out the perfect lesson plan, then throw it in the trash can within the first five minutes of class.

I have spent a great deal of time developing lesson plans and group class themes over the years. Unfortunately, I seldom had opportunities to teach some of them, although I have taught bits and pieces. The mental exercise that lies behind lesson plan generation helps me to focus my ideas, and it builds up my arsenal of activities and possibilities.


Paula E. Bird is Teach Suzuki Author & Podcaster, member of the Artisan Quartet, Texas State University faculty, the Austin Symphony, and owner of the Wildflower Suzuki Studio. She lives in Central Texas.

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