Bird, Paula: The Importance of Music Education

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Bird, Paula: The Importance of Music Education

This blog article discusses the eight abilities that music education creates:

- Ability to Listen
- Ability to Observe and Imitate
- Ability to Memorize
- Ability to Concentrate
- Ability to Perform
- Ability to be Disciplined
- Ability to Persevere
- Abilities of the Heart

My purpose in bringing up this discussion of the importance of music education is to remind us of Dr. Suzuki's greater mission. He did not merely teach the violin; his greater
purpose was to teach the child to be a fine human being with a noble heart. He chose to do that through the study of the violin.


Paula E. Bird is Teach Suzuki Author & Podcaster, member of the Artisan Quartet, Texas State University faculty, the Austin Symphony, and owner of the Wildflower Suzuki Studio. She lives in Central Texas.

© International Music Teachers Exchange published with the kind permission of Paula E. Bird

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