Bird, Paula: How am I Doing? (Parent Report Card)

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Bird, Paula: How am I Doing? (Parent Report Card)

This article looks at some of the hidden messages that parents give to their children when they do not follow through on lessons assignments.

When I first opened up a serious private lesson studio, I wrote an article for parents to use as their own report card. The information is as relevant today as it was when I first wrote it for my studio newsletter. Here are the statements I included to help parents consider and evaluate their performance as parents of a Suzuki student. The comments in parentheses after the statements indicate what the important purpose is behind the statements.

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Paula E. Bird is Teach Suzuki Author & Podcaster, member of the Artisan Quartet, Texas State University faculty, the Austin Symphony, and owner of the Wildflower Suzuki Studio. She lives in Central Texas.

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