Beamer, Sharron: Dear Suzuki Parent

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Beamer, Sharron: Dear Suzuki Parent

This article provides advice to the new Suzuki parent and starts with the words:
“Dear Suzuki Parent, Welcome to the Suzuki family. This advice is based on nearly twenty years of teaching experience. I offer it to you only because I know it works.”

Dear Suzuki Parent

Welcome to the Suzuki family. This advice is based on nearly twenty years of teaching experience. I offer it to you only because I know it works.


It is essential, if you have not already done so, that you read ‘NURTURED BY LOVE’ by Shinichi Suzuki.On the way to the lesson, discuss cheerfully with ‘our child what you expect he will do during the lesson. ‘Your review piece is really sounding good. I’m looking forward to hearing it.’ ‘I wonder if your teacher will notice how good you are getting at keeping your eyes on the bow.’ ‘Will naughty Mr One” remember to stay on the E string?’ etc. Cut the child’s fingernails. Take him to toilet.


Bring a notebook (the same one each week), a pen and your diary. Check the notice board for workshops, concerts and special dates. Keep careful notes on what (and how) you are to practice.

Ask, if anything is unclear. Keep violin, music, note book, foot mat (and anything else you need) together in your ‘kit,’ a large, heavy duty shopping bag, or similar.

Unless strictly necessary, it is best if you don’t speak to your child during the lesson. The child should have only ONE teacher at a time. Sometimes your child may do something to irritate or embarrass you. Don’t worry. Your teacher may have four children of her own at home, and has probably taught hundreds of children over the years. Teachers have seen it all before. It’s best for the teacher to cope with the child in his or her own way. It is necessary for the child and teacher to form a relationship free from interference. Your teacher is quite capable of setting limits. It is important that the lessons are friendly and enjoyable. If teachers seem to be indulging a child it is for a good reason. It’s not because they can’t be firm.

On the other hand, if a teacher speaks sharply to your child, don’t be alarmed. She’s not really angry. It’s calculated to stop the child from indulging in negative habit patterns, and the friendship for the child doesn’t alter. Please do let the teacher know if illness or trauma means they need to be especially sensitive to the child on some days.



Sharron Beamer

 was introduced to the Suzuki Method through her four children who started Suzuki violin lessons at their school. In 1978 she became a Suzuki teacher and was among the first intake of students to do the Suzuki teacher training offered by the BSI. In 1987-1988 she spent 6 months in Matsumoto, Japan studying with Dr.Suzuki himself. Dr.Suzuki called his method "Ability Development" and Sharron has always been inspired by his message that ability is not something one must be born with, but that it is something that everyone can develop. Her primary concern is to help her students to realize that they can develop ability, and to demonstrate how to go about it.

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