Wartberg, Kerstin: Paganini Motion - Violin Trio Version

Category: Ensemble Pieces - Intermediate

Paganini Motion   
By Kerstin Wartberg

Arranged for 3 Violins
Piano accompaniment Ad Libitum

Violin 1: Intermediate
Violins 2+3: Easy

Paganini Motion - A Technical Tune for preparing the Seitz Concertos in Book 4

With seven basic exercises

1. Trill preparation exercise
2. Up-bow staccato
3. Tiny bow strokes at the balance point with active fingers
4. Chords and Single Notes
5. String crossings at the tip, with accents on the melody notes
6. Triplets with slurs and quick string crossings
7. Fast Bowing with Double Stops

The download contains the following sheet music:

Violin parts
Piano part