Concert Time - 1A & 1B (performance tempo only)

Category: VIOLIN - Accompaniment Tracks for Vols. 1-6

This collection of pieces in PERFORMANCE TEMPO is particularly suitable for Home Concerts and Review.

Can be used as a supplement for Suzuki students in book 1 and for violin students learning with STEP BY STEP, volumes 1A & 1B.

David Andruss
Piano and Piano Arrangements / Klavier und Klavierarrangevments


01 - 04 Tuning notes
25 Gavotte, F.J. Gossec (short version = without the repeats but with da capo)
26 The Happy Farmer, R. Schumann
27 Minuet 3, J.S. Bach
28 Minuet 2, J.S. Bach
29 Minuet 1, J.S. Bach
30 Etude / Come, Let’s Take a Trip, K. Wartberg
31 Andantino – Butterfly, K. Wartberg
32 Allegretto - The Bear Family, K. Wartberg
33 Perpetual Motion - Kitty and Micky, K. Wartberg
34 Allegro - Thunderstorm, K. Wartberg
35 Long, Long Ago, T.H. Bayly
36 May Song, Folk Song
37 O Come, Little Children, Folk Song
38 Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Folk Song
39 Snow and Wind, K. Wartberg
40 Song of the Wind, Folk Song
41 Lightly Row, Folk Song
42 - 47 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Folk Song