TB1 - 08: Song of the Angels / Evening Concert

Category: My First Technique Book (TB1) - Arr. David Andruss

Song of the Angels
The Evening Song


Arranged for 4 Violins and Piano
Violin Parts: Kerstin Wartberg
Piano Part: David Andruss


The following songs can be played one after another either as solo pieces or as duets, trios or quartets in any combination to the piano accompaniment.
No. 1: Song of the Angels (My First Technique Book)
No. 2: Evening Sunset at the Lake (My Second Technique Book)
No. 3: Small Waves (My Second Technique Book)
No. 4: Last Rays of Sunshine (My Second Technique Book)

The bass lines and harmonies of this piece are identical in sections A and B. The accompaniment to section A can be used for section B as well as for further sections based on the other violin parts in the My First Violin Technique Book.

The various violin parts can be played in any order and can be layered, one after the other, until all are played simultaneously, making this arrangement one of extreme flexibility.

On the MP3 files, a 4-hand piano accompaniment can be heard. We have arranged the piece here for piano with only two hands in order to accommodate more typical teaching and performing situations.

We encourage teachers and accompanists alike to experiment with this arrangement and suit it to their individual needs.

One example of this type of flexible, spontaneous arrangement can be found on YouTube under the title Evening Song.

This download contains the following files:
MP3 files (Short and long versions)

PIANO parts for
No. 1: Song of the Angels (First page = short version, My First Technique Book)
No. 2: Evening Sunset at the Lake (First and second pages = long version, My Second Technique Book)

The piano accompaniment of No. 2 can be used for these songs as well:
No. 3: Small Waves
No. 4: Last Rays of Sunshine

Note to teachers and accompanists

The following audio files are streamable but can only be downloaded with a STUDIO or SCHOOL license.
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