My Second Technique Book / First Shifting Songs

Category: 4. Technical Studies

My Second Technique Book
Basic Exercises for Violin with Piano Arrangements

By Kerstin Wartberg

First Shifts: The Big Evening Concert at the Lake (G Major)

This download contains sheet music and a play along set with MP3 files in high quality:
The Tuning Notes
The Big Evening Concert at the Lake

The following songs can be played one after another either as solo pieces or as duets, trios or quartets in any combination to the piano accompaniment.

  •     Song of the Angels (My First Technique Book)
  •     Evening Sunset at the Lake (My Second Technique Book)
  •     Small Waves (My Second Technique Book)
  •     Last Rays of Sunshine (My Second Technique Book)

In addition, the "Evening Sunset at the Lake" will be practiced in A Major and in B flat Major

The piano parts you can download HERE:

Piano Arrangement by David Andruss

Listen to the song "The Big Evening Concert at the Lake"