Caccini: Ave Maria for Strings & Organ or Piano

Category: Pieces for Mixed-Level String Ensembles



Giulio Caccini (1551-1618)

Ave Maria

Arrangement for Strings & Organ or Piano by Kerstin Wartberg

Performed by the Gaehler Ensemble


The following arrangements for various string ensembles & organ or piano
by Kerstin Wartberg can be downloaded in the  ONLINE MEDIA LIBRARY:

No. 1: Arrangement for 2 violins, cello & organ or piano
No. 2: Arrangement for 3 violins & organ or piano


About this item: 

Violins 1 - 3 / cello / organ or piano
Level: Intermediate & advanced for violins 1and 2 (Suzuki Violin Book 6 & up)
Intermediate level for violin 3 (Suzuki Violin Book 3 & up)
Technical Features: Expressive refined phrasing, Vibrato, slow bows, bow distribution, shifting, dynamic nuances


This download contains the following files:

1. MP3
2. Score (2 violins, cello & organ)
3. Parts: violin 1 / violin 2 / violin 3 / cello / organ / piano

No one really knows for sure who wrote this Ave Maria – mainly because the setting didn't come to light until the twentieth century. Although its presence on any classical crossover singer’s album is now almost guaranteed, the piece was unknown before the 1970s. One plausible reason as to why this might be is that this Ave Maria arguably wasn’t composed until then. Many argue that its creator was, in fact, one Vladimir Vavilov, a relatively unknown Russian guitarist and composer, who recorded it in 1972 and declared it to be an anonymous song. The attribution to Caccini was then supposedly made at a later date by a musician who performed with Vavilov.