4. Ensemble Piece: Happy Song

Category: Violin 1A

This short song for 2 violins and piano by Kerstin Wartberg can be played together with Pre-Twinkle students and students from the middle of book 1.

It can also be used as an interlude between all beginner pieces in A major (from Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to Perpetual Motion).
This expands the repertoire of the Pre-Twinkle students and allows them to be on stage at concerts for much longer periods of time together with the more advanced students.

This download contains the following 4 files:
Part of Violins 1 and 2
Piano part
MP3 file piano accompaniment - practice tempo
MP3 file piano accompaniment - performance tempo


The following audio files are streamable but can only be downloaded with a STUDIO or SCHOOL license.
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