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The core points of this video are:

Bow on the string,
silent string crossings,
tiri tiri titi on open A and E strings,
AEA with the Bow,
placement of 1st finger on the A string,
See-Saw, teacher shaping the right and left hands of student "See-Saw"

This is a piece of firsts for the student:
the 1st finger, 3/4 meter, the legato stroke, and different bow speeds. Changes in bow speed are introduced in the upper half with the "See-Saw" rhythm.

Begin with the left hand over the high dot, and slide it down on the "Magic X" before playing the first finger. This piece can be played two times in performance.

Shaping the Left Hand:
Place the left hand over the high dot, tap all the fingers on the G string side of the fingerboard using the Twinkle Variation rhythms. Make sure all the fingers are loose. Then, slide the hand back to first position on the "Magic X". Wiggle the left thumb and slide it gently back and forth on the neck to make sure that there is no tension in it. If the "Magic X" is lined up with the E string side of the fingerboard, the hand will be in the proper position.

Preventing Problems in Shaping the Left Hand:

1. Make sure the "Magic X" is in the right place, not too high above the fingerboard, and not too low below the fingerboard.

2. Check for a straight, relaxed line between the hand and forearm.
The two lower fingers should be balanced back from the third and fourth fingers. This greatly reduces the fourth finger intonation problem by allowing the finger to drop comfortably onto the string instead of stretching to reach the correct pitch.

3. Each finger should land on the string with just enough weight to produce a clear tone. The teacher continues to feel the left hand to help it remain supple.

4. Beware of the crooked wrist. The angle of the hand, wrist, and forearm rests in the same plane. 5. Check to see that the left elbow makes the slight angle adjustments for each string.


The video and the text were provided by courtesy of Mimi Zweig, Professor of Music (Violin, Viola); Director, Pre-College Strings Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University Bloomington, USA Further information can be found at: