Belvelin, Eva: A Sunday Walk

Category: 6. Ensemble Pieces

Eva Belvelin & Per Strandberg
A Sunday Walk for Mixed-Level String Ensemble



Young People’s String Program at the Peabody Preparatory of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore performing my Sunday Walk. Enjoy!


No. 1: EASY Violin - A Sunday Walk
Introduction to the second finger pattern with low second finger

No. 2: INTERMEDIATE Violin - A Sunday Marsch - double stops and chromaticism

No. 3: INTERMEDIATE Violin - A Sunday Stroll - swing and awkward bowings

No. 4: ADVANCED Violin - A Sunday Saunter - vibrato, shifting and high positions

No. 5: Cello part - A Sunday Promenade

No.6: Piano part - A Sunday Perambulation


A Sunday Walk, A Sunday Marsch, A Sunday Stroll, A Sunday Saunter and A Sunday Promenade
can be played either as solo pieces or as duets, trios, quartets, quintets or sextets in any combination to the backing track or piano accompaniment.


Here you find more information about the composer Eva Belvelin:

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