Pre-recorded Video Lecture No. 7 by Kerstin Wartberg & Margherta Biederbick

Teaching Tone and Technique to Young Violinists

Kerstin Wartberg & Margherta Biederbick


Teaching Tone and Technique to Young Violinists

Presented by Margherita Biederbick & Kerstin Wartberg

Effective teaching of the basic principles of violin technique in the beginning stages lay a solid foundation for a student’s future development as a violinist.

Kerstin Wartberg and Margherita Biederbick, both violin teacher trainers of the German Suzuki Institute, will present scales and technical exercises for beginning students. These can be used to build an excellent foundation when paired with attention to the quality of their execution.

Kerstin Wartberg and Margherita Biederbick will share their personal approach to these basic techniques providing many ideas and details for this important phase of development.

You are welcome to bring your violin to this lecture and will have opportunities to try many of our ideas.


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