Zoom Session No. 13 (plus Pre-recorded Video Tutorial) by Kerstin Wartberg and Florin Iliescu

Improve your bow technique: The most important key strokes

PART 2: Friday, August 16, 12:00 – 1:30 Central Time USA
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Florin Iliescu, 1st Concertmaster of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony 
and Kerstin Wartberg

Video Tutorial available from August 6


Description of the lecture 

Improve your bow technique: The most important key strokes 

Session 1 / Part 1: Practical video course - available from August 6
Session 2 / Part 2: Live Zoom Session on Friday, August 16

Join violin and viola teachers, advanced students and enthusiastic amateurs in these online courses. 

Session 1 / Part 1 is a practical video course that takes you through seven Key Bow Strokes and gives practical tips and advice for teaching.  You learn the most important elements of seven different bow strokes taught by renowned violin pedagogue Kerstin Wartberg and internationally acclaimed violinist and 1st Concertmaster of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony, Florin Iliescu. 
Participants may watch the video tutorial at their convenience.
Available from August 6, 2024.

They will explain and demonstrate the fundamental elements and practice strategies. The aim is to develop a strong mastery of these techniques and to teach them effectively in manageable steps.

In Session 2 / Part 2 on Friday, August 16, you will then take part in a Live Zoom Session with Florin Iliescu and Kerstin Wartberg to practice together and deepen your knowledge. Finally, there will be a short daily practice program to help you and your students apply what you have learned.

In addition to the video recordings of the two courses, participants will also receive the eBook "KEY BOW STROKES" by Kerstin Wartberg so that they can deepen their experience, and seamlessly integrate it into their teaching or personal practice to create a lasting impact.


 Here you can enjoy a live concert recording with Florin Iliescu. 


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