Shinichi Suzuki: "LET US WORK TOGETHER!"

Category: Videos über das Unterrichtskonzept von S. Suzuki

Shinichi Suzuki: "LET US WORK TOGETHER!"

This is a BRIEF EXCERPT from a film of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, teaching at the first European Workshop in Denmark in 1981, when he was aged 83.

In his speech he explains what he expects of future teacher generations.

"LET US WORK TOGETHER to achieve continuous development and increasing perfection of our ideas!"

The greater part of this film material was contributed by Tove Detreköy and the Danish Suzuki Institute. In 2009 Kerstin Wartberg made this film for her teacher trainees and all interested Suzuki teachers.


Musical Concept:
Kerstin Wartberg, Exercises from STEP by STEP

Tonalization in G Major / The Bell Song
Shifting Exercise / Marionette Dance in Third Position

Violin: Rudolf Gaehler
Piano and Piano Arrangements: David Andruss